What's this page about?

My name Florian Schmidt and this is my personal homepage.

On this site I'm going to elobrate on my current research and software development projects. Currently, I am working on my master thesis (Master of Applied Research in Computer Science) at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg. Additionally I'm currently working as a freelance software developer and have worked as software developer and research associate during my course of studies. For detailed information about my academical and professional experience, please refer to my resume.

Software Development

In this section the main topics are software development and related issues. Covered technologies include .NET, particularly C#, F# and ASP MVC, as well as Java and Haskell.

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IT-Security Research

This section contains details about my past and present research projects. Future plans include articles about research topics, especially source-code analysis and fuzz testing, and reports about other research projects.

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